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Friends Don’t Let Friends Forget to File Their Taxes

March 17, 2010

The clock is ticking and the April 15th deadline to file taxes is a little over a month away. I’m sure you’ve already done it for yourself – you’re the responsible one.

But have your friends done it? Have all required members of your family done it? How about your co-workers? If not, have you reminded them?

Of course, you can remain silent. It’s none of your business, right? It’s not like they’re trapped in a burning building or abusing illicit substances. It’s just their finances. I mean, if they mess up on their taxes, is that really a big deal?

Well let me tell you something. One of the reasons we as a country are in a recession is because of financial mismanagement. Not filing taxes on time is financial mismanagement.

Be a true friend. Show your friends, family and colleagues that you really care. Ask them if they filed their taxes. Refer them to a tax expert or an accountant who will not only do it correctly and on time, but also assist them with a tax strategy for 2010.

That’s what friends are for, right?

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