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Common Mistakes People Make Filing Their Taxes

February 23, 2010

We are right in the midst of tax season and many people are doing their own taxes. Experience has shown that the number of mistakes made increase as more and more people do their own taxes while not relying on experienced experts to do it for them.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not correctly handling the latest rebates and credit programs that have recently been approved. With the push by the federal government to incentivize people to stimulate the economy, a significant number of the rebates and tax credits have been implemented even on the state and local areas.

Other mistakes include:

  1. Math errors
  2. Wrong address
  3. Wrong filing status
  4. Incorrect Social Security numbers
  5. Not signing and dating the return
  6. Forgetting to include the tax payment
  7. Failing to include correct forms and schedules
  8. Using the wrong tax table to determine tax bracket

Many tax returns have to be amended by tax firms and tax experts after the fact because of these mistakes. That just means more costs. Go to a professional like an accountant or a tax services firm that will provide you the service and peace of mind you need.

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